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Hasegawa 1/72 F-16CJ (Block 50) Fighting Falcon

RM 45.00

This is Hasegawa's venerable 1/72 scale model of the F-16 depicting the F-16CJ Block 50 which was the final version of the F-16 intended for the USAF powered by the GE F110-129 turbofan, and optimised for the Wild Weasel / SEAD role.

The kit includes a pair each of AIM-9J, AIM-9L/M and AIM-120A and AGM-88 HARM missiles, as well as 3 external fuel tanks.

Marking options for 2 aircraft:

- an F-16CJ of the 79 FS, 20 FW, USAF based at Shaw AFB in 70th Anniversary and Tiger Meet of the America's 1997 markings.
- F-16CJ 90-0802 of 13 FS, 35 FW, PACAF based at Misawa AB, Japan.