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FineMolds 1/72 U.S. Air Force F-4D Fighter "Night Attacker"

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FineMolds' 1/72 F-4D has been updated with a newly tooled AN/ARN-92 Loran-D 'towel rail' antenna and markings for 2 aircraft of the 497 TFS 'Night Owls' / 8 TFW 'Wolfpack' during the Vietnam war.

The AN/ARN-92 Loran-D 'towel rail' antenna which was so-called because of its towel rail-like appearance, was a navigation enhancement to improve the F-4D's precision strike ability in all weather, day and night.

The 497 TFS 'Night Owls' as the name suggests specialised in the night attack mission specifically the interdiction of NVA supply convoys travelling along the Ho Chi Minh trail. For this reason, the 497 TFS painted the undersides of their F-4D's black.