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Fine Molds 1/72 Air Self-Defense Force F-4EJ Kai Last Flight Memorial Blue

RM 205.50

The F-4EJ Kai belonging to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force has been deployed for about 50 years and all aircrafts was retired at the end of 2020. Special markings was placed on the
aircrafts, which is about to retire, in order to decorate its long-term operation with endless beauty. This kit models the 436th machine belonging to the 301st Air Corps (301SQ).

For more information, please refer to : https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/72838.html

1. Accurately reproduced the 301SQ4 No. 36 commemorative painting is reproduced with large format decals.
2. The following Nano Aviation series is included as a bonus.
   - NA10 Seatbelt 4 for current machine (for F-4 and F-8)
   - NA15 Rearview mirror for current machine and panel light
3. The inside of the cockpit and other details are precisely reproduced by laser engraving.
4. The small holes lined up in the splitter vanes are also reproduced by engraving.
5. The canopy can be opened and closed. The closed canopy is a separate part.
6. The horizontal stabilizer is designed so that the mounting angle can be easily and accurately fixed.
7. The heat-resistant plate on the tail is a separate part. Can be assembled after painting.